About Us

There was a time when those interested in purchasing a franchise had but two choices: contact every franchisor out there, or contact a business broker. Both methods proved to be time consuming, expensive and limiting for buyers.

We started this business as a result of the frustrations expressed by franchisees. In searching for a solution we created a business that would treat interested buyers fairly, quickly, honestly and efficiently. Today we are the only business out there that offers a way to directly connect with franchisors without having to weed through mountains of information and waste tons of time. Franchisors, on the other hand, found that they wanted their business models and yearly earnings do the selling rather than pushy salesmen trying to make a commission. Franopolis created the bridge between serious buyers and franchisors.

"My interest in this industry began as a business broker in California. I came across a lot of individuals that wanted to own franchises but found it too difficult to find ways into the industry. The successful ones weren’t for sale, and finding ones that were meant the purchaser had to do impossible amounts of legwork. I was turning away a lot of good business because there wasn’t a way to match people up with the franchises they wanted.

That’s when I decided to start this business. I wanted to find a way to make finding and buying a franchise easy for everyone. Over the years, with this business, I have built and now have the largest network of franchises than any other comparable company out there. All the franchises we work with have proven to be successful. The process we have in placing individuals in the right business eliminates the business opportunities that won’t work for you saving you time and energy. We’ve structured our company to be able to provide recommendations with no commissions from those inquiring to ensure we offer unbiased and honest advice. We are paid flat fees by franchisors when right matches are made, so you can see our genuine interest in connecting you with the franchise that fits you"

-Mark Wallace- President of Franopolis
We look forward to helping you through the entire process and towards securing your future.