The Process

Choosing and Owning Your Franchise

Itís go time. You have decided to take the first step on the road to business ownership, financial success and real security; you are going to open a franchise.

Now a great question looms. How to go about sorting through all the possibilities?

MyFranchiseSearch can help. First, we learn about you, including your:

  • Skill Set
  • Interests
  • Time Requirements
  • Professional Certifications
  • Capital and Financing Ability

Then we match you to franchise opportunities where you have the best odds of success and meet their requirements. Once you have chosen a particular franchise, due diligence is still required. We suggest that our clients complete the following:

  • Learn the business model, inside and out, understand it thoroughly.
  • Check the referrals from the franchise, and talk to franchisees about their experience.
  • Weigh your options, always ask when you arenít sure.
  • Review all documents with your own attorney, accountant and partners.

Breath deep and enjoy. You are on the journey to financial and personal independence.

Donít wait! The best opportunities are going fast.

We look forward to helping you through the entire process and towards securing your future.