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Franchise Financing Options

Every franchise business requires potential franchisees to have certain skill sets, as well as financial ability. The franchisor is in business to put others in business successfully. Therefore in order to qualify, they’ll require proof of your liquidity and net worth.

Understanding your budget and what you can truly afford is important as you research franchise opportunities. As a prospective franchisee, it’s also paramount to fully explore how you will fund your investment.

There are many ways to self-fund your purchase of a franchise. When you work with Franopolis, our goal is to ensure you spend as little of your own money as possible and while incurring a reasonable amount of debt, which will allow you to comfortably get into business for yourself.

401(k) Business Financing

Debt-Free Funding. No Tax Penalties.

With 401(k) business funding (also called Rollovers for Business Start-ups) you can use your retirement funds to buy a business or franchise without incurring tax penalties or taking on additional debt.

A Quicker Path to Profitability

401(k) business funding isn’t a loan, so you don’t need to worry about monthly payments. Without loan interest to pay, you can make money sooner rather than later.

Easy to Qualify

There are no minimum credit requirements, and you don’t need to use your home as collateral. As long as you have $50,000 in rollable retirement funds, you’re all set.

SBA Small Business Loans

Long-term Lending With Low-interest Rates

Backed by the Small Business Administration, SBA small business loans offer up to $5 million with low-interest rates and flexible repayment terms.

Big Loans. Low-Interest Rates

Small Business Administration loans offer a bevy of benefits for entrepreneurs, including low-interest rates, long repayment terms and no ballooning costs.

Approval Process

Franopolis makes it easy for qualified borrowers to obtain an SBA loan. We send a single loan application to our large network of lenders to help you find the perfect fit.

Loan Package Analysis

SBA loan applications are extremely detailed. That’s why Franopolis provides a thorough analysis to ensure everything is in order prior to submitting it.

Use Your Retirement Funds as a Down Payment on an SBA Loan

ROBS + SBA: Keep Your Rainy Day Savings Intact
One of the most beneficial ways to combine financing methods is to use 401(k) business financing with an SBA loan. This allows you to leverage your retirement funds for the loan down payment without triggering any tax penalties.

While both SBA loans and 401(k) business financing have advantages as stand-alone programs, together they can increase your business budget, help protect your savings and lower your monthly payments.

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